VanillaEclair 1.3 — Multi Flavor!

Starting with VanillaEclair 1.3, I will provide three different flavors of the ROM:
– no added sugar(NAS) -> 100% vanilla, no added APKs
– added sugar(AS) -> provides more functionality than NAS
– performance edition(PE) -> for those who want speed

VanillaEclair 1.3 “No added sugar” – the balance between speed and stability. Pure Android 2.1.

VanillaEclair 1.3 “Added sugar” – provides the most functionality out-of-the-box
-Dialer One
-Dolphin Browser

VanillaEclair 1.3 “Performance edition” – provides speed, but it’s not the most stable

– Autokiller

VanillaEclair 1.3 Changelog:
– Optimized battery life
– Snappy without JIT
– Fixed Tapatalk issue(only for NAS and AS)
– Faster boot
– A2SD enabled by default if you have EXT2/3 partition on SDCARD

– JIT(only for PE)
– GMail Push mail
– HelixLauncher – stable (only for AS)
– Default AOSP launcher(only for NAS/PE)
– 2G, 3G & HSDPA data
– WiFi
– Bluetooth file transfer
– Network location
– Accelerometer
– Most of the Live Wallpapers work GREAT!
– Gallery 3D
– Market (all apps)
– Camera @5mpx
– Keyboard w/ Voice Search

– 3GP videos only display first frame
– BT audio in calls


I recommend flashing the latest Radio first.

1. Nandroid Backup
2. Full wipe.
3. Flash VanillaEclair 1.3
4. First boot will take a few minutes.

Version list:

VanillaEclair 1.2.1JIT
– Removed buggy facebook – you may now install it from market
– Changed icons to AOSP ones
– Fixed A2SD – at last!

VanillaEclair 1.2JIT
– Added default launcher – choose HOME
– Removed Gallery3D
– Added stock gallery
– Another A2DP-fix attempt, please report
– Fixed Power Widget
– Fixed music on sleep
– Fixed camera FC

VanillaEclair 1.1JIT Final

– added facebook app, facebook sync and facebook widget (from 0.2JIT)
– fixed FCs when changing brightness and volume
– auto-brightness works now
– added USB Internet Tethering(credits to MaXo64)
– Dolphin Browser and battery widget are now in core
– added a quite stable Launcher2(select launcher instead of HelixLauncher)
– added some APNs
– other minor stuff that I don’t remember at the moment

Thank you all for helping me improving this. Special thanks to those that have tested the ROM before uploading it here.

If you like VanillaEclair, please help me buy a GSM Hero for Dev only.

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